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Головна » 2017 » Червень » 23 » Останній день
Останній день
23.06We had Olympic Games Day and Good bye, my CampDay.
We were a bit cheerless on the 23th of June because of Camp Closing Ceremony.
After participating in the morning assembly campers played Games “River Line”, “Baby Shark” and practiced vocabulary at Language Lab “Olympics day”. Then we participated in Arrival & Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games leaded by our PE teacher with a torch, danced Flash Mob and presented our 5 teams and our 5 new Olympic games and played them. Sportsmen were awarded with Medals. We had online report from Dawn, Sport News Reporter from the USA.Then there was Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games.
We had a Press-Conference with our volunteer from the US Dawn Cutler, thanked her a lot for her creativity and active participation and presented her with the map of Ukraine, a book “Focus on Vydranytsia”, Ukrainian embroidered shirt,Ukrainian embroideredtowel and Ukrainian handmade motanka doll. We made a big heart. One part of this heart was presented to Dawn to be taken to America.
Then there was Win to Win Lottery for all our campers. All kids were awarded with GoCamp Certificates.
We had “Good bye, my camp!” Ceremony and Take a Smile Action.
We are so thankful our volunteer Dawn for her help and hope to see her in our village again!
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