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Good-bye, our Summer Language GoCamp "SMILE.ua"! Hello, summer holidays! It’s hard to believe that our camp is over. But we’re full of positive unforgettable emotions and memories
Переглядів: 17 | Додав: SK | Дата: 18.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

13th of June. GoCamp unites friends! Unforgettable moments together with the GoCamp teachers, Peace Corps Volunteer and campers from Ratne, Samary and Vydranytsia.
Переглядів: 14 | Додав: SK | Дата: 14.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

Our campers had a fantastic day. The Day of Security brought us much fun and positive emotions. Team-building, game ‘The electric fence’ showed that we’re really supportive, helpful, friendly and cool team. It is very challenging to feel safe in the modern life. We do.
Переглядів: 14 | Додав: SK | Дата: 13.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

The 11th of June was the 7th day of GoCamp in the School of Vydranytsia. The topic of the day was “Culture. Handmade traditional decorations”. Campers together with their GoCamp teacher Myroslava Nazaruk got to know Ukrainian traditions, celebrations and culture. They made hay toys and participated in wreath-making master-class and role- played Ivana Kupala. What’s ahead?
Переглядів: 20 | Додав: SK | Дата: 12.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

Monday, June 10, 2019. What is technology? What are the most famous Ukrainian inventions and inventors? How to help old people in using modern technologies in today’s world? How to protect an egg from falling or cracking? Our campers have already got to know.
Переглядів: 20 | Додав: SK | Дата: 11.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

The 7th of June was the special day in our camp. Campers enjoyed the greeting “Caterpillar-butterfly,game “Egg, chicken, hen, statue”. After Language Lab “Food chain ” there was the Voc Game “Hot Seat”. Kids liked “True/false” about animals and the food chain craft. The craft «Shark ” and dancing and singing “Baby Shark ”was really awesome!
Переглядів: 19 | Додав: SK | Дата: 07.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

6th of June.The campers got to know much new information about the animals during the Day of Camouflage. After the team-building “Pass the electricity” we had “Running dictation” on the topic “Camouflage” and played the game “Hawk”. It was really challenging! Animals adapt to their environments in different ways.So are the kids. We had “Camouflage Challenge”.
Переглядів: 15 | Додав: SK | Дата: 06.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

5th of June-the Day of Ecology in our camp. It was full of different activities: outdoor games, team-building “Superheroes”, Language Lab and Voc Games, Story-telling and Project Work “Eco-friendly House” for the hamster and guinea pig. It was really cool! Campers were encouraged to take care of their homevillage.
Переглядів: 21 | Додав: SK | Дата: 06.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

Hello,summer camp! On the 4th of June, 2019 we had the Language Lab ”Community”and the Quest in the park. After brainstorming ideas every team created its own Vertical City and presented it. Campers are inspired and ready for the new challenges!
Переглядів: 15 | Додав: SK | Дата: 05.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

Today we have opened GoCampin the school of Vydranytsia for the third time! All the campers participated in the Opening Ceremony. We liked the Icebreaker games and “ Let's get to know each other “Bingo. We created the camp rules.This GoCamp summer has just started. The most interesting is ahead!
Переглядів: 17 | Додав: SK | Дата: 03.06.2019 | Коментарі (0)

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